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At Atom Games, founded in August 2014, we're developing games which share the dreams of thousands of players. We're a core team of 7 people, who are living with games. Since we were founded, we have developed 6 games by now, and we preferred platforms such as iOS, Android and Facebook for these games. Now, by year of 2016, we are working towards to develop multiplayer games with purpose of connecting to the players with real and better bonds.

Need for Sahin

Super olmus yapanın ellerine sağlık

Furkan Tekin

Need for Sahin

Herkese tavsiye ederim bağımlılık yaptı tüm dünya oynamalı

Furkan Ali

Passionate People

Code Lines




Do you love games? Work for what you love!

We are passionate at what we do, and we love creating games to amaze players. We always need inspiring, talented, motivated, life-time learner and passionate people. So if you'd like to a be part of our team, you're always welcome.
Please see the job opportunities below.

Intern Computer Engineer.

Let a good start lead your way. Empower your future. Right now, we are looking for an intern computer engineer.

If you are studying Computer Engineering, self-motivated, open to personal development and love being a part of a team, please feel free to contact us

Future is yours
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Better Games, More Fun

We constantly create games using our imagination. Our games are fun and totally engaging, which you're guaranteed to love and play. Here you can find our game titles.

Multiplayer Arena
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