Multiplayer Arena.


Multiplayer Arena is a multiplayer racing game based on a revenge story.

Let's tell the story: Someday, Multiplayer Arena racers plan a secret race on an open traffic road. But they cause Claire, Nathan's wife, to die during their getaway. When Nathan is next to Claire's grave, he gets an anonymous message. It says that his wife died because of some irresponsible Multiplayer Arena racers. Upon this, the man decides to attend the Multiplayer Arena to find out who caused Claire's death and avenge the murder of her.

In Multiplayer Arena, you can race in various racing tracks and race with 4 players simultaneously. Just collect and use Power-Up Boxes on the road, and be the winner of the race. These boxes can provide you shield or explode your rivals on the road! So use the right power-up box on the right rival.

Can you survive in this competitive death race? Be ready for crashes, collisions, and real rage!

Beat up your rivals and have some fun!