Data Scientist.

Would you like to help us to develop better games using huge information of the players?

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or a related department

Having experience in turning huge raw data into actionable intelligence which is critical for business decisions

Having ability and previous experience to conceive and test hypotheses based on inconclusive or incomplete data from unstructured data and create structures that lend themselves to analysis

Knowing correlation from causation, ability to identify and manage biases in data, and understand the implications of sample size on the interpretation of results

Practical knowledge in statistical analysis and understanding of core statistical functions, including multivariate regression, correlation models, and analysis of variance

Being experienced in SQL, R, Python, MS Excel for analytical purposes

Passionate about video games and familiarity with the mobile and free-to-play games market


  • Familiarity with game metrics
  • MSc or PhD in relevant departments
  • 5 or more years of experience in data analytics, especially in analyzing big data environments
  • Military service should be completed or be exempt at least for 2 years for male candidates
  • Non-smoker